Start Your Professional Career in Full Stack Web Development

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Starting Date
Monday, June 19, 2017
Application Deadline
Monday, June 5, 2017
Program Duration
6 months
Information Session
Saturday, May 27, 15:00

Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia starts an intensive coding bootcamp in a new format, enriched with training sessions and practical work. During the camp participants will learn coding, starting from programming fundamentals to the most demanded and vital programming technologies and skills.  In the result of the coding bootcamp, participants will have adequate skills for Full Stack JS junior developer and will be able to apply for relevant junior-level positions. The curriculum of the coding bootcamp is unique and is based on the best educational programs of the world. The program will be delivered for the first time. However, the best practices of previous coding bootcamps served as a good basis with more than 550 interns working at the best Armenian IT companies, such as  Praemium, Volo, Betconstruct, Sourcio, Digitain, Topsoft, Factumsoft, Optym, Intel-Soll, Questrade etc. 

What is coding bootcamp?

Learn and apply the skills you need to start a career in code.

  • Learn the most sought-after skills in tech, from JavaScript to node.JS, 
  • Build real websites, APIs, and data-driven apps while collaborating with classmates on a range of projects, 
  • Launch your new career as a web developer at our partner companies.

For more information on the program come to the information session, which will take place at 15:00 on May 27 (Saturday) at MIC office. 

Who can be the participant of coding bootcamp? 

Despite the fact that the coding bootcamp is a paid program, only those, meeting these criteria will be involved 

  1. 16-28 years old,
  2. Has or is gaining fundamental technological knowledge, is familiar with basic programming concepts and has logical thinking
  3. Consider programming not only as a guarantee of financial stability but also as an opportunity of creating something new,
  4. Love learning and not complaining 😊,
  5. Is ready to 'live' in our office for 6 months,
  6. Will not be disappointed after a week and looks forward to its end, 
  7. The phrases like 'The state is not a good state,' 'The lecturer is not a good lecturer' etc are strange for them. 

How will your life be in the coding bootcamp? 

The coding bootcamp lasts 6 months and comprises of intensive training sessions, presentations, as well workshops with the mentor and development of projects. On daily basis, you will spend at least 4-6 hours at our office. 

What are you learning?

We teach the skills you need to kickstart your career as a developer and a lifelong learner. From programming fundamentals to launching full-stack web apps, you'll learn to think as a programmers, solve problems with code and find potential solutions in a collaborative environment, under the supervision of a mentor.

The bootcamp comprises of 6 stages, each lasting 4 weeks.

Stage 1. Programming Fundamentals

Stage 2․ Languages and tools

Stage 3․ System development

Stage 4․ Back-end development

Stage 5․ Front-end web development

Stage 6․ Production, Server creation, Deployment

For more information on the curriculum of the bootcamp come to the information session, which will take place at 15:00 on May 27 (Saturday)

What projects will you develop?

In parallel with each stage the material learnt will be practiced on real projects. Starting from Stage 2 bootcamp participants will be divided into groups and will have separate projects.

The projects will have different technological structures. Each project will use different technologies on back-end/front-end. From time to time the participants will switch the groups, which will enable them to have working experience with almost all technological solutions. The projects, developed within the coding bootcamp will constitute a part of your portfolio, which you can later show to your potential employers.  

Meet your coding bootcamp technical lead and mentor 

Vardan Grigoryan, the developer with more than 7 years experience at companies, like PicsArt, Synopsys etc will lead the bootcamp. In 2013-2014 he also managed  MIC coding bootcamps. 

What do we guarantee and why to participate? 

  • Valuable knowledge,
  • Practical skills,
  • Pleasant and creative working environment,
  • Connections with professionals of the field and Armenian IT companies, 
  • Demo Day with participation of leading Armenian companies
  • Employment within 3 months after the coding bootcamp. If not hired, we will reimburse the tuition fee. 

How to participate in the coding bootcamp?

The participation in the coding bootcamp is highly competitive, and only 12-15 participants who pass the test and interview, will be involved. If you want to give a try, fill out the application from by June 5. 

In case of questions,

1․ Come to our officer with a prior arrangement and ask all your questions. 

2․ Come to the information session at 15:00, on May 27 (Saturday) at MIC office. 

How much is the tuition? 

The tuition for the whole program is 390,000 AMD, which we are ready to reimburse if you do not get hired within 3 months after the program.  

The program will start on June 19 and end in November.



The application process is closed.